Viral TikTok Gives V/One 100X Return on Investment

Our team implemented & executed an influencer campaign on Tik Tok to promote V One,  a no-code mobile app builder, which resulted in a huge uptick in business and brand awareness. 

Before implementing these campaigns V/One had approximately 1,500 early access sign-ups growing steadily but failed to see any spikes in growth. When executing the campaigns that same list quickly surpassed 10,000!

V/One’s campaign went viral and emmassed some incredible stats.

  • 1.7+ Million Views
  • 178,000+ Likes
  • 1,700+ Comments
  • 10,000+ Shares

All of this on a small influencer campaign!

So how did it affect business?

The campaign generated over 6-figures in new revenue resulting in an 100X return on investment!

While not all campaigns turn out to be this successful this goes to show that every brand should be trying to utilize Tik Tok to grow brand awareness and hit their revenue goals.

Check out of the videos below..


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*Past success does not guarantee future results*