Free Product Testing Strategy for Top Brands by Collin Castrina

Who would not want to try out new drops from clothing giants? If you’re up for some upgrade to your wardrobe from the likes of Nike and Adidas, here’s a TikTok account that teaches how.

Collin Castrina has made a two-part entry on the video sharing app and the process for getting free clothes from Adidas and Nike. Castrina did a walkthrough on where you should sign up, and what type of clothes you want to receive so the brands can send you their clothes for testing. Here’s the video:

How does it work? The clothing company sends you a confirmation if you’ve been chosen to be part of the product-testing program. Once you have completed some requirements, the company will send you gear for review with instructions on how long you should wear the product, or the amount of mileage. The testers will then mail back the test gear to the company together with the logs done for the product so the brand can evaluate. After that, the tester will then be given a survey to answer. You can’t keep it for life, but free stuff is still free stuff (even for a couple of weeks), right?

Castrina has also done some other “How-To” videos, from how to do a back-flip, how to make money from selling phones, to how to speed-read.

Original article published on GARAGE by JERICO VILLAMONTE