Turning $3,000 into $300,000 on TikTok


Short Bio: Collin Castrina is a 20-year-old serial entrepreneur. He owns a podcast booking agency and is the Co-Founder of a TikTok agency named Sabertooth Media. His clients range from Ed Mylett, Conor McGregor’s Tidl Sport, Jotform, and many more. He has grown his personal TikTok to over 425,000 Followers, 7,300,000 Likes, and over 65,000,000 Views.

City where you’re from: Charlottesville, Virginia

Favorite quote: “Full throttle or no champagne bottle” – Andy Frisella

Social accounts (hyperlinked, example: Twitter): Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

Tell us about Sabertooth Media. How did you come up with this idea?

Collin Castrina: Sabertooth Media is a full-service TikTok agency. We can do anything from account management, paid acquisition, influencer marketing to growing your personal or business profile. My partner Ryan Myher called me one day and started talking about the idea of helping brands and influencers partner up, but we soon shifted into a full-service agency! This allows us to offer more services and help more companies!

How did you promote your company in the early days?

Collin Castrina: Leveraging our preexisting connections and network. I have an incredible partner, Ryan Myher, who is well connected in the tech space, and he has been able to make incredible deals happen. I have also leveraged my personal brand and connections to refer top-level clients.

How have you been able to grow your business? Go specific.

Collin Castrina: Providing ridiculous results. When you take $3,000 and turn it into $300,000 or grow an account with 20,000+ followers in 9 days, it is hard to be in our league.

What are some secrets to virality/sales in your most successful platform (Fb, Twitter, IG, Snap, Ecommerce, etc.)?

Collin Castrina: A huge key to TikTok is keeping it simple. Don’t overcomplicate your content. Your content on TikTok is a snack, not a meal. Plus, your hook is crucial.

How did your team turn $3,000 into $300,000?

Collin Castrina: Our team leverages influencers whose content has previously been on a hot streak of viral videos. We used their momentum, influence, and unique ideas to create viral content. Giving influencers freedom is so important! It’s not a mistake. They have the following they have! Next, negotiate a fair price for a promotion and schedule posts to drop. Trust in the influencers and their page (deep dive into engagement and build relationships), and let the content do its thing.

What do you think you do better than most people? How are you able to do it?

Collin Castrina: Unique content strategies. Creating winning content strategies is huge, and being able to bring a LOT of ideas for a client gives them more chances to succeed.

If someone wants to work with Sabertooth Media, how can they find you?

Collin Castrina: Check out Sabertooth Media here!

Christopher Cox